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Low Back Pain in Golf: How Common is it?

Man with lower back pain25% of all golf-related injuries in the previous year where reported to have occurred in the lower back, making the lower back the most common site of injury at 4.4% of the golfing population. The golfer with a golf-related lower back injury is likely to have a previous history of lower back injury, while the present injury had a progressive onset compared with an acute single onset. The follow-through phase of the golf swing was associated with the greatest likelihood of injury compared to other phases of the swing. Most of the injured golfers received treatment for their injury from a health care practitioner.

As such, it is important that the practitioner whom treat golfers with a history of lower back injury should have a knowledge to evaluate the golf swing follow-through to identify potential causes of aggravation to the lower back and also be able to implement golf-specific back care conditioning programs.

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