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Clinical Nutrition Services at Synergy Healthcare

Our clinical nutrition services aim to treat the person as a whole, through assessing diet, lifestyle, sleep and mentality to investigate the underlying causes rather than symptomatology alone. Our Clinical Nutritionist, Lisa Cinque offers a variety of services to our clients.

Services include:

In-Clinic Consultations

Expect to have an in-depth investigative approach into your health concerns with on-going support. The consultations are a holistic approach to dietary advice and health education for the prevention and management of all acute and chronic illnesses. A comprehensive health and dietary assessment will be provided to determine how diet and lifestyle affect your current health and wellbeing.

Application of individualised evidence-based solutions using food as medicine, nutritional supplements (where needed) and lifestyle recommendations to restore the quality and health of your life. Assessment of how factors such as weight, exercise, stress and sleep may impact your life will be considered. Nutritional recommendations focus on your personal education, restoring and optimising your health and wellness through the therapeutic power of food.

Initial consultations range from 60min-90min, and follow up appointments roughly 30-45min.

Conditions treated, but not limited to include:

Dietary behaviours, weight management, fatigue stress management, anxiety, depression, immune support, liver health, detoxification, gut and digestive health, hormone regulation, fertility and pregnancy reproductive health, sleep hygiene, vitality and energy, and thyroid function.

Nutritional Assessment

Using the latest clinical nutrition software to gain a representation of your nutritional status simply by providing a weekly food diary (provided by our nutritionist). Macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats) as well as micronutrients (vitamins & minerals) can be calculated. Allow 2-3 business days to have your nutritional report generated from your provided weekly food diary.

A comprehensive easy to read report will be presented to you with the breakdown of nutrients you are either consuming in excess or deficient in. This report will be interpreted with you in a follow up consultation. The follow up appointment will provide relevant nutrition recommendations to support (increase or decrease) certain nutrients and presenting health concerns / symptoms.

Personal Shopping

Our nutritionist offers personal shopping in a supermarket to help you navigate the aisles, read labels and ultimately help you build your confidence to make the right choices for you and your family.

Kitchen Assessment

Let’s get you building life changing habits at home. Our nutritionist will help you by assessing your cupboards, pantry and fridge. let’s clean out the junk foods together and restock your kitchen with healthier options.

Learn About Our Nutritional Services

For more information or to make an appointment, call 0410 211 723 or 9522 2125 today. We look forward to welcoming you into our practice and providing you with the excellent support your deserve.


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