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Shoulder, Chest, Pectoral Stretch

This stretch can be performed on both shoulders simultaneously or one at a time and targets the pectoralis (pec) major muscle which is the main chest muscle. This muscle can become shortened or tight with prolonged time spent at a desk or computer and can often lead to discomfort in the neck, upper back and shoulders. “Rounding” of the shoulders is often a sign that these pec major muscles are too tight.

An easy way in which to stretch this muscle at home or work is as follows:

  1. Using a doorway stand with elbow and shoulders at 90 degrees as shown in the picture (Can be done one arm at a time using the same technique)
  2. Whilst keeping your upper back and neck straight (do not allow your head to drop or your chin to jut forward) let your body weight move forward until you begin to feel a stretch in the front of your shoulder and across the front of your chest.
  3. Once you have reached an appropriate amount of tension with the stretch hold it for 30 seconds at a time.
  4. This stretch can be modified to target different fibres of the pec major muscles by either increasing or decreasing the angle of the shoulder.

If you experience any pain during the stretch discontinue immediately.


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