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Bring Nutrition Back to Basics

What’s on your plate?

Given how stressed our lives are it’s easy to fall into bad eating habits. From take-away fast food to biscuits and other sweet treats, poor dietary decisions can wreak havoc on our health.

Clinical nutrition consults with Lisa are focused on creating sustainable eating habits—bringing nutrition back to basics—to improve your everyday health.

This isn’t a cookie cut approach to nourishing your body. Expect to have an in-depth investigative approach into your health concerns with ongoing support. The consultations are a holistic approach to dietary advice and health education for the
prevention and management of all acute and chronic illnesses.

A comprehensive health and dietary assessment help to determine how diet and lifestyle affect your current health and wellbeing. Part of your assessment includes pathology testing, including blood testing. Lisa will look at your hair, skin and nails, as the health of those can offer clues as to what’s going on in your diet. Lisa also will get your weight and measure your waist and hip circumference as part of her comprehensive evaluation.

Nutritional Introductory Evaluation
If you’re curious to know how well you’re nourishing your body an introductory evaluation with Lisa will be incredibly useful. Lisa will provide you with a weekly food diary which you complete, she then inputs your completed diary into a clinical nutrition software to gain a representation of your nutritional status. Macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats), as well as micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), can be calculated.

These comprehensive and easy-to-read reports will be presented to you with the breakdown of the nutrients you are either consuming in excess or deficient in. This report will be interpreted with you in a follow-up consultation.

Your evaluation includes an easy to read report.

Your evaluation includes an easy to read report.

The follow-up appointment will provide relevant nutrition recommendations to support (increase or decrease) certain nutrients and presenting health concerns/symptoms.

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